Why Quartz?

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We want to educate fellow dabbers out there on why you should be using quartz and only quartz when dabbing your favorite concentrates. The nail industry has seen a tremendous shift this year and we don’t want you to be left behind!

Historically, there are three options for your nail when dabbing – Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium.

In 2016, quartz has taken over the market by storm for many reasons. Here’s a short list:

  • Quartz is recognized by many as a “healthier” option compared to titanium
  • Unlike ceramic, quartz will not crack due to high temperatures
  • Quartz’s ability to hold heat for extended periods of time
  • Robust flavor provided by quartz
  • A desirable “glass on glass” look
  • Ability to take large dabs


Dablione chose quartz for these reasons and why so many others have as well. If price is not a factor, we recommend checking out Toro Grails, Quave Club Bangers, Pukin Beagle’s Thermal P, Joe Halen’s Honey Hole or Trough, and Sugar Cube Bangers. (in order from top left to bottom right). These are the top american companies who provide the best quality quartz ranging in price from $99 to $190 USD.


Anyone of these companies are a great choice, however if you are looking for a more affordable option, there are plenty of quartz buckets, bangers, and nails available at your local smokeshop. These are often imported out of the country and will get the job done just as well and typically range from $20 to $60 dollars. When purchasing imported quartz, make sure it is real quartz and not glass! Ask the sales rep to conduct the quartz test- Heat the quartz up for 30 seconds and pour water over the hot nail. If it is real quartz, nothing will happen. If it is fake quartz, the nail will crack once the water hits the hot nail.

Quartz is the only way to go! It is best option over the alternatives and should be your only choice when choosing a nail.

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