What is a Dablione?

dab-147As a vape & smoke tool, the dablione is truly in a class of its own. This heavyweight has razzle-dazzled the mines of many due to it's versatility, traditional rig hit, and savory flavor. This article will breakdown the most common functions and feature when they come in handy the most.

Dab Chillum

The dablione's ability to function as a dab chillum is what makes this pipe extremely unique. It  provides a "traditional rig hit" with mouthwatering flavor that puts even the most seasoned stoners on their ass. The dablione is intended for connoisseurs or beginners who are looking to get the full taste of their concentrates. Flavor is a biggy here and is our favorite part of the pipe.


Great for:  Live resin, rosin, tasting concentrates, flavor, on the go dabs, when your stuck with a vape pen and want a rig, concerts

Quartz NailQuartz nail

The dablione's one and only silicone grommet allows the pipe to function as a quartz nail for most 14mm or 18mm female waterpipes. We will admit that it will not convert every waterpipe; as their needs to be at least 1 inch of room in the joint for the pipe to fit properly.



Great for:  The sesh who doesn't have a rig, in a pinch when the nail breaks, when the homie's titanium nail looks 3 years old.

Glass Blunt


In a pinch, the dablione will smoke dry flower like a one hitter or glass blunt. Great for when you need a quick rip and dont want to stink. It also is very effective for executing smoke tricks due to it's steady pull.

Great for: Quick rip, one hit, smoke tricks,  hotboxs

Dab Rig or Waterpipe

With our beaker bottom attachment, the dablione will act as downstem and function as as an oil rig or waterpipe. The ability to handle both 420 and 710 without changing parts makes this pipe special. We do recommend having two dabliones on hand - one designated for flower and one for oil. By doing so, you don't ruin the taste of your concentrates with the flower resin.


Great for: At home, large dabs, places where the headies dont go, vacation trips, weekend festivals, dry sift, bubble hash

The Dablione can be used so many different ways as there is no one way to use it. The dab chillum, quartz nail, one hitter, and beaker bottom combo are our favorite uses and we encourage people to be creative and find new ones. We have seen people get crafty and use their dabliones' as waterfalls, gravity waterpipes, nectar collectors, and much more. Get out there, be creative, and tag us @dab710ne for a feature on Instagram!

This article is bought to you by Dablione- The only dab chillum,glass blunt, waterpipe, and quartz nail.

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