The dablione will function as a traditonal waterpipe with our beaker bottom attachment. The waterpipe setup is great for at home, weekend trips, festivals, travel, and really any place you don't to bring the headies. This set up is just the right size for big rips, style, and functionality.


When using the dablione as a waterpipe, pack the dablione with loose flower and place it in beaker bottom. Light your flower and pull the dablione to clear the waterpipe when ready.

Quick tips for the waterpipe

  • ¬†Tilt the beaker bottom back when smoking to ensure proper peculation. The water should fully cover your silicone mouth piece when tilted back.
  • Change your water daily... It's simple enough due to the beakers design and makes a tremendous difference in taste.
  • After ashing, use a dab tool to push the dish back down to it's proper place...you don't want to touch stinky resin (THE PUSH DOWN).

The Big Two

The push out

How do you ash once the pipe once it is cashed? Using your beaker bottom's joint, push the quartz dish up like the GIF above.

The push down

How do you push it down to pack another bowl? Using a dab tool, push the quartz dish down like the GIF above.

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