Quartz Nail

The dablione is the an excellent quartz nail for most 14mm and 18mm female waterpipes. It's unique grommet is machined so it fits perfectly snug in female joints. As an added bonus, the silicone grommet is heat resistance and will protect your pipe from heat fractures. The dablione quartz nail comes in clutch when your daily banger breaks, is being cleaned, or when you are at homies who has the craziest, nastiest, blackest looking nail you've ever seen! Save the terps!

Quartz Nail

To use the dablione as a quartz nail, torch the quartz dish for 15 to 20 seconds. Wait another 10 seconds for the quartz to cool, than pull the quartz dish back and place your dablione into the waterpipe. Dab away.

Quick tips for the quartz nail

  • Always handle the dablione by the silicone grommet. The outer tube will get hot.
  • You will need at least 1 inch of room in the joint of your water pipe for the dablione to fit. To be as clear as possible, the dablione will NOT work as a quartz nail for every waterpipe. It will only convert approximately 70% of female waterpipes.

No Males

No males

The Dablione does not convert male waterpipes or oil rigs. You could technically convert an 18mm male, but not a 14mm male (most common). This is just by nature of design. We recommend using a quartz banger for male pipes.

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