Nectar Collector

The dablione also has the ability to function as a nectar collector and was first discovered in 2015 by a longtime dablione guru. The nectar collector is great for when oils are too tough to handle, you forgot a dabber, stealth is a factor, or you're simply looking to switch it up. Furthermore, the dablione is crafted out of quality quartz making it superior over titanium nectar collectors. The dablione is the go to mini nectar collector. It's perfect in size, provides excellent flavor, and has so many other uses!

Nectar Collector

When using the dablione as a nectar collector,  peal off the silicone mouthpiece and adjust the silicone lock to the correct position. Torch the tip for 15 to 20 seconds, wait an additional 15 to 20 seconds for it cool down. Touch the hot tip to your oil and dab away.

Quick tips for the Nectar Collector

  •  Always handle the pipe by the silicone grommet. The pipe does get hot.
  •  BE CAREFUL. Make sure you pay attention to where you place the hot tip.
  • PULL SLOW. If you pull too fast you will eat oil.

Adjust the silicone lock

Locking system

This will keep the inner tube in a fixed position while dabbing nectar collector style.

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