Glass Blunt

The dablione is the most superior glass blunt on the market. It's unique design prevents unwanted flower and ash from pulling though into your mouth. The grommet is made of the best platinum cured silicone and the pipe will easily disassemble for cleaning. Furthermore, the versatility factor of the dablione is greater than any of it's glass blunt competitors. The dablione glass blunt is great for quick rips, smoke tricks, and on the go scenarios.

Glass Blunt

When using the dablione as a glass blunt, pack the dablione snug with loose flower, light the flower, and rip away.

Quick tips for the glass blunt

  • Pack the flower snug.
  • Push the Quartz dish out to ash.

Do not pack the dish

Do not pack the dish like the picture above. This area is mean't for concentrates. Instead pack the chamber.


some trick

Go on youtube and learn some smoke tricks. Glass blunts are the best for smoke ticks because of their smooth steady pull.

Checkout our lifestyle page for more information. We have even more killer tips like How to pack a glass blunt.

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