Dab Rig

The dablione will function as a dab rig with our beaker bottom attachment. The oil rig setup is perfect for at home, travel, and places you don't want to bring the headies. Standing approximately 8 inches tall, the beaker bottom set up is just the right size for flavor, looks, and functionality.

Oil Rig

To use the dablione as an oil rig, torch the quartz dish 15 to 20 seconds. Let the dish cool down for 10 seconds, than using the opposite end of your dabber, push the quartz back dish into the pipe (THE PUSH DOWN). Dab away.

Quick tips for the Dab Rig

  •  Always handle the pipe by the silicone grommet. The outer tube will get hot.
  •  Tilt the beaker bottom back when dabbing to ensure proper peculation.
  • After dabbing, push the quartz innertube out.

The Big Two

The push down

How do you get the dish down after you torch it? Using the opposite end of your dabber, push the quartz dish down like the GIF above.

The push out

How do you get the quartz nail back up after dabbing? Using the beaker bottom's joint, push the quartz dish up like the GIF above.

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