Dab Chillum

The dablione's ability to function as a dab chillum is what makes this pipe special. It utilizes telescoping technology with a patented quartz nail to ensure dabs stay in place and not pulled through the pipe. Furthermore, the dablione is super small in size making it an excellent dab tool for tasting concentrates. The general rule of thumb is the smaller the pipe, the more flavor. The dablione is a mere 4 inches tall and is certainly one of the smallest dab pipes on the market.

Dab Chillum

When using the dablione as a dab chillum, torch the quartz for dish 15 to 20 seconds. Let the dish cool down for 10 seconds, than pull the quartz dish back into the pipe. Dab away.

Quick tips for the Dab Chillum

  •  Always hold the pipe by the silicone grommet. The outer tube will get hot.
  •  Hold the pipe slightly tilted up when dabbing.
  • #10secondtech works really well with an appropriate sized torch.
  • After dabbing, push the quartz innertube out.
  • Choke up on the mouthpiece.
  • If your looking for the perfect low temp dab and are not afraid to waste it to taste it, we suggest torching the quartz dish for 27 seconds, letting it cool for 20 more seconds, pull the quartz dish  back and dab immediately.

The Big Three

Torch lighter

Torch size

We strongly recommend using nothing less than a triple torch lighter.

Q tip Tech

Q tip Tech

After dabbing, wipe the excess oil off using a q-tip. The quartz nail will last 3 times longer.

Dab chillum

Torch Time

It is vital you learn the proper torch time for the dablione. No one likes a hot, or even worse, cold dab!

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