Top 5 Cannabis Websites of 2016

Dablione wanted to kick off 2017 by recognizing the top dogs of last year. If you are new to cannabis we recommend checking out these sites first. Before we begin, we want to thank one of the best cannabis blogs on the west, The California Weed Blog, for bringing us the article today.


With the historical shift happening in the legalization of cannabis, more and more people are diving into the wonderful world of marijuana. With so many newcomers, it’s important for them to have access to resources where they can be properly educated on cannabis, it’s uses, and laws surrounding this controversial herb. Here is a list of our Top 5 favorite Cannabis information websites.

#5 Trees Subreddit


Reddit is full of in depth specific information on nearly everything so naturally it makes it on the list of our top cannabis websites. Reddit is friendly(most of the time), extremely active, and a well moderated community where anyone over 18 can can have access to a plethora of information about cannabis from others. What’s great is, most people who contribute to this subreddit offer in depth guides on anything you could imagine as most are deeply involved in the industry.

#4 High Times


The old tried and true standard in Cannabis still has a place on our top Marijuana site list due to its very comprehensive overview of the industry which they have accumulated over the years of being the leading Cannabis information center. They offer unparalleled access into cannabis lifestyle, events, strains, and much much more. If you’ve never heard of them #1 shame on you #2 visit their site or pick up the magazine at your local book store.

#3 Weed Maps 



If you have a Doctor recommendation then Weed Maps should be one of the first sites you check out from our top Cannabis websites list. Weed Maps Provides an accurate and updated list of all the places you can purchase Cannabis. Used geo locating to find available deals that are local to you. Weed Maps also shows all important information including prices, hours and promotions. An important part of the app is that it allows community reviews so you are able to find the best place to by weed. Another interesting feature is if you use it in a state where cannabis is still illegal it will help you find local CBD clinics .

#2 Leafly


Leafly is the largest resource for strains on the internet and is actually the largest cannabis website in the world, with around 10 million monthly visitors. It complies information and effects of specific strains in an easy to read format that also includes an in depth rating system and community reviews. It’s no surprise why this site made it on our list.




NORML is the best resource to find anything related to Cannabis activism and outreach. Cannabis isn’t always about getting medicated as it has(and can have) many many more applications that go beyond the obvious. Many people are curious about Cannabis Policy and Laws which is why we had to put Norml down as one of our top sites on this list. With all the places on the web where we can celebrate Cannabis it’s important to remember it is still under prohibition in a majority of the county. Norml reminds us that it is up to everyone to help make cannabis accessible worldwide. Feeling like getting involved? Visit Norml’s Website!

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