The Ultimate Mini Nectar Collector

Dablistoners LOVE to use their dablione as a mini nectar collector. It stands a mere 4'' tall, slightly larger than a bic lighter, and comes standard with a quartz nail making it the ultimate mini nectar collector kit.

This article will show you how to transform your dablione into a mini nectar collector along with some dope tips and tricks. It does require moving parts so lets break it down.

Setting Up Your Mini Nectar Collector

Step 1: Take the dablione pipe apart.

Dablione Mini Nectar Collector

Step 2: Remove the silicone mouth piece.

Dablione Mini Nectar Collector

Step 3: Pull the silicone sleeve down the quartz tube like the GIF below. This is IMPORTANT. The silcone sleeve locks the quartz innertube in place and will be adjusted again later.

Dablione Mini Nectar Collector

Step 4: Slide the dome back onto the quartz tube and fine tune the silicone sleeve to get the dablione in the dabbing position.

Dablione Mini Nectar Collector

Step 5: After fine tuning the silicone sleeve, your dablione is now transformed into a mini nectar collector.

Mini Nectar Collector

How To Use a Mini Nectar Collector

Step 1: Torch the quartz nail for 20 seconds.

Nectar collector MIni

Step 2: Wait 10 seconds for the quartz too cool down, than dab away.

Mini Nectar collector kit

Tips and Tricks for your Nectar Collector Mini

  1. PULL SLOWLY. There is no need to pull hard. Fair warning, if you pull too hard you will eat oil.
  2. You should learn the appropriate torch times and use nothing less than a triple torch lighter. For a low temp and flavor packed rip, torch the quartz for 27 seconds, let it cool down another 20, than dab away.
  3. Be careful when placing the nectar collector down due to the exposed hot tip.

We hope this guide helped you better understand your dablione mini nectar collector and the best practices. Checkout out our Userguide for more rad ways the dablione can be used.