American Made, GE 214 Quartz Banger

Dablione now offers American Made Quartz Bangers produced in  Roselle Park NJ out of the JM Glass Co division. They are up to industry standards using GE 214 quartz, 2mm thick walls, 1 minute + heat retention, and a deep dish to ensure oil does not get pulled through the stem. These quartz bangers are designed to be used with our oil rig beaker bottom in mind,  but can be used for any 45° 14mm female joints. Quartz is now the industry standard for dabbing and it should be the only material you use when dabbing concentrates.

Quartz Banger

How to Use

To use our quartz banger to optimal function, heat the bottom of the quartz banger for 30 seconds and than let it cool down for 1 minute and 30 seconds. We suggest running a timer on your phone. Place your dab on the quartz banger along with a carb cap. For best results use a directional carb cap.

Directional Airflow Carb Cap


Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are dabbing at the correct temperatures, there will be a small puddle of left over wax at the bottom of your quartz banger. To ensure your banger stays clean, it is best to wipe off the excess oil with a q tip or paper towel. Q Tip Tech

If you do this after every dab, your quartz banger will last well over a year; granted you don't drop it!