Quartz Banger Tips and FAQs (Part 2)

Vape pens continue to dominate cannabis consumption as they are now the preferred method of smoking amongst casual cannabis users.

However, in our eyes there is still nothing that rivals the experience of a dab off a quartz banger. The flavor, the high, and overall experience is unparalleled to any other form of smoking.  We are following up on our first guide, Quartz Banger Tips and Tricks Part 1, to continue answering the most common questions people ask us when they first start dabbing with a quartz banger.


What is proper dabbing etiquette?

dabbing-handshakeTo do it 100% by the books, torch the banger, let it cool, dab,  wipe the excess oil off with q tip, and then wipe again with q tip soaked in iso. The banger is ready to take the next tab.


Why Does My Quartz Banger Taste Bad?

dab taste badThis is because you are dabbing on quartz that is WAY TO HOT. If you do not dial in your temperatures/ timing correctly, dabs will taste awful, hurt your throat, and ruin the experience. In fact, many people claim their dab's taste like plastic. This is because they are dabbing when the quartz banger is too hot. You must figure out the appropriate cool down times to ensure you are dabbing at the right temperature.


Why is my Quartz Banger Lighting on Fire?


If your quartz banger is lighting on fire while you torch it, don’t panic! The excess oil left on the nail from the previous hit burning off. This is good. It can be a bit of a hazard and will happen every time you torch your banger if you do not wipe away the excess oil.  This leads us to our next question


Why is my Quartz Banger Black?

black quartz banger

You quartz banger is black because it is not cleaned after every dab. As a result, residue will slowly build up leaving a blackish or cloudy appearance on your banger that is near impossible to fully remove. This leads us to our next question:


How to keep a Quartz Banger Clean?

quartz banger q tip clean

The ensure your quartz banger stays clean, wipe the excess oil off with a q tip after every hit. This will extend the life well over a year, ensure flavor packed hits, and keep it clean for the next dab.


When Should You Replace a Quartz Banger?


It’s time to replace your quartz banger when it loses the ability to hold heat. This happens when the banger is older and has been heated and cooled down hundreds if not thousands of times. Furthermore, quartz will degrade much faster by not cleaning it after every hit.


These tips will have you dabbing like a pro and will ensure a long life for your quartz banger. When the time comes and you need an American made quality quartz banger without breaking the bank that can hang with a big dogs like Toro, Quave, and Pukin Beagle, Dablione Tech is your guy.

Our American Made Quartz Banger

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