Quartz Banger Tips and FAQs (Part 1)

The art of dabbing has evolved into a science requiring users to time, carb cap, and q-tip to get the best possible dabbing experience. This process is common knowledge for a daily dabber, but is foreign for first timer or someone new to dabbing. We figured we’d shed light on the process and answer the most common questions people ask us when they first start dabbing with a quartz banger.

Do I Need to Season My Quartz Banger?

Quartz Banger Torch

Technically, you do NOT need to season a quartz banger. The seasoning process was used to remove impurities from titanium nails in past times. However, you end up conducting the same process of “seasoning a nail”, but for a completely different reason! So if you want to be technical, yes, you season a quartz nail, but only to check if the quartz is real. This leads us to our next question:

How to tell if my quartz banger is real or fake quartz?

Real or Fake Quartz Nail

To tell if your banger is quartz and not glass or any other nonsense material, torch it for 30 seconds and pour water over it. If the banger cracks, its glass. If the quartz banger does not crack, the banger is real quartz. Quartz should never crack when performing this test.

BE CAREFUL though. I performed this test once by dropping the banger in a bowl of water and it broke; not because the quartz was fake, but because air bubbles got trapped in the banger’s neck causing it to snap.  When performing this test, we always suggest holding the banger upside down (bucket facing down), pouring the water over the bottom of the banger.

How long do I torch a Quartz Banger?

Quartz Banger being torched

Serious dabbers run a timer on their phone to keep track of time using the “stop watch” feature. The general consensus is to torch the bottom of the banger for 30 seconds and let it cool down for 45 seconds- the standard 1:15 (30 second torch time + the 45 second cool down).

I’ll be honest; the time varies plus or minus 15 seconds depending on a number of factors. Variables like torch strength, banger thickness, quartz quality, quartz cleanliness, and the age of the banger all effect the time it takes to get optimal temperatures. You will need to play around to find the optimal heat and cool down times. There should be a small pool of dabs left over in the quartz banger if you’re dabbing correctly.

Quartz Banger and Carb Cap Combo?

Quartz banger directional carb cap

The best carb cap to use with a banger is a directional carb cap. This allows you to control where the air hits the oil. If you cannot get your hands on one of these, a standard cab cap will work, just remember the main objective while carb capping is to move the oil around the banger to utilize the most surface area possible.

These tips should get you started dabbing like a pro with your new banger.  To see additional tips and tricks for your quartz banger, visit part 2 of our quartz banger tips and tricks guide. Also, if you are looking for an American made quality quartz banger without breaking the bank that can hang with a big dogs like Toro, Quave, and Pukin Beagle, Dablione Tech is your guy.

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