A Look into NJ Glass Blowing Studio: JM Glass Co

Dablione Tech is giving a big shout out to JM Glass Co; the glass studio who manufacturers the american line for Dablione Tech.  JMG is a top notch New Jersey glass studio that specializes in scientific and artistic glass blowing. JMG also provides classes on how to make glass and offers a wide variety of tools for any glassblowing need ranging from lathes, torches, kilns, glory holes, cold equipment, and more. The studio is located a few blocks from the Roselle Park train station  in New Jersey making it easily accessible. Check out the YouTube video below for inside look at the studio!

About the Lead Glass Artist:

Glass Blower

JMG studio’s is owned and operated by Jacob Moskowitz. Jake discovered his passion for glass at a young age first pursing it through private lessons and art camps. He has since than attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, graduated in 2011, and has grown to become a key presenter at the 2017 International Flame Working Conference hosted annually in Salem, New Jersey.


Quartz Banger Specialist:

Quartz Bangers

JMG Studio’s expertise to work quartz brings a quality American made quartz banger without the huge price tag. Key features include it’s elegant style, thick walls for heat retention, and tall wall heights to prevent wax being pulled down the joint when carb capping. These quartz bangers will last for well over a year with the proper care and are an excellent choice when looking for the perfect low temp dab.


Quartz Banger Beaker Bottom Combo:

Beaker bottom

With the evolution of dabbing, we want to stay current with what products we offer. We understand how important a quality banger is when dabbing at low temps and the traditional dablione is great, but it is not your go to tool when looking for large, low temp dabs. With the recent partnership, Dablione Tech now provides an attachment to convert your dablione beaker set up into an traditional dab rig. The setup includes a down stem and a quartz banger. As an extra perk, the down stem attachment makes your rig function with any 14mm female attachment as well.

Inside look at New Jersey’s Glass blowing studio!