How to pack a glass blunt

The glass blunt is one of our favorite tools because its portable and yields wicked cool smoke tricks to the trained jedi. We see so many people perplexed by the concept that we figured to make an easy guide on how to pack a glass blunt.

Step 1: Pull it

Pull the inner tube backwards so that you create a chamber inside the pipe.


Step 2: Load it

Load the flower inside the chamber you just created. Keep in mind not to over pack.


P.S. If your looking for a good party trick, load the glass blunt by inhaling and sucking up the flower. However, you will need a relatively clean glass blunt and the courage to eat a few scooby snacks to pull this trick off.



Step 3: Pack it

Here's the tricky part. Using both hands, plug the end of the glass blunt with one finger while pushing the inner tube forward to pack the flower snug. This ensures a nice cherry, even burn, and smooth pull.


Step 4: Smoke it

Light away and inhale.


You are now a master at packing your favorite glass blunt.  The glass blunt featured in this guide is a dablione.


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