Hash Museum



Believe it or not, there are two museums dedicated to hash, marijuana, hemp and anything cannabis related. These hidden gems are located in Barcelona and Amsterdam which provide extensive information about the industry’s history, culture, and influence dating to B.C. We recommended any toker who appreciates marijuana and hemp to check them out! This article will spread some knowledge on a few facts we learned that we felt were worth sharing.



Cannabis is old! The spiritual and medicinal effects of smoking have been known for thousands of years. Before smoking tools existed, marijuana was consumed in much more intuitive ways. Earliest ways of consummation methods showed cannabis being burned in shallow, covered pits using wooden tubes to inhale the smoke. Also,  smoke huts, or hotboxs were another common method. Right on!

Bamboo bong

When was the first bong invented? A question most stoners arise to at some point in time and the hash museum has us covered. The first bong originally was produced in China in the 16th century as an adapted version of Middle Eastern hookahs. They were constructed out of bamboo and the term bong is most likely derived from the Chinese word ‘bang’, meaning cylindrical bamboo pipe.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942! Atta boy Chris, but it would not have been possible without the vital role of hemp. For starters, hemp was combined with tar to waterproof the hull of his ships. There is no other natural fiber in the world that fares better resistant to the high seas and effects of saltwater. Moreover, it was the second most used material to build the ships as hemp was for used for rope, rigging, and sails. Furthermore, hemp was used as a means of survival.  Ships were stocked with barrels of hemp seeds to provide food for the journey and sailors even used hemp oil as fuel for their lanterns at night. Without hemp, Christopher Columbus would not be the man he is.


Shifting to current day, hemp is still the most useful plant in the world. Hemp is used in over 50,000 products and no other plant serves for so many purposes. Paper, clothing, textiles, hemp wood, hemp concrete, bedding for animals, door panels, biodegradable plastic are just a few that top the list. We encourage everybody to check the @hashmusuem for a in depth experience on how beautiful the plant marijuana really is . Peace out!

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