Dabbing Trends

Is dabbing more popular than flower?

Dabs have become a standard in the cannabis culture. Social media is scattered with meltshots, rigs, and concentrates of all textures. We were curious and did some research  to see just just how popular dabbing really is? A recent poll conducted by HighTimes in July 2016 asked tokers which method of consumption was their favorite. Here’s the breakdown.


Smoking the good ol’ fashion way is still by far the most popular method of consumption, but there is more that meets the eye.

Millennials and their dabs

Even though the data shows only 1 in 10 tokers prefer dabbing, it is much more popular than 20 years ago. This is due to change in technology, growth in knowledge, and accessibility. The main technology advancements that brought dabs to the masses were fullmelt bubblehash in the 90s, BHO in the mid 2000s, and rosin tech exploding on the scene in 2015. Flower still dominates the method of consumption, however millennials are dabbing much more than their age group 20 years ago.


Frequency of use and dabs

What states smokes the most pot? The graphic below shows where the most frequent pot users based by states in the USA.


We found that the likely hood of dabbing is dependent on how frequently a user smokes. You can conclude that there are more dabbers in the deeper purple regions than the white. It boils down to this,

The more frequently you smoke pot, the more likely you are to dab.

The logical reason to this pattern is because dabbing isn’t something most stoners jump into first. It is often confusing, overwhelming, and far too potent for a new smoker. For infrequent smokers, rolling up a doobie will be a much more pleasant experience because dabs are simply too potent.

On the other hand, tokers who light up multiple times a day need a little more THC to get the job done. Daily users have a much higher tolerance and in most cases, dabs are the most effective way to get high.

To wrap it up, dabs are popular among seasoned smokers, particularly the younger generation. Dabbing seems to be the weapon of choice because of the potent hit, flavor profiles, and stealth factor (vape pens). When it comes to the average or infrequent user, flower is still the go to.


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