The Best Cannabis Websites of 2017

Wrapping up 2017, Dablione Tech wanted to share our favorite cannabis websites of the year. These are in no particular order; just the top sites we feel provide the best value in knowledge, culture, expertise advice, content, and news within the cannabis culture.

Green Camp

Green Camp

GreenCamp is the newest site we discovered in 2017. It is an absolutely phenomenal experience with a beautiful desktop layout and a friendly mobile site. It provides a plethora of information covering a variety of topics such as news, culture, cannabis 101, and grow to name a few.  Content you would find on this website would be articles about moon rocks, hiding the smell of ganja, top stoner movie recommendations, gift ideas, brownie recipes, cannabis science case studies, and more.


High Times

Hightimes is the ol’ grandad of the bunch who laid the foundation for cannabis media outlets today. The Magazine was founded in 1974 and although their magazine is still popular, their website is a grand slam. They provide a wealth of information for free and our favorite part about the website is their partnerships and insights with experts in the industry. For example, Nico is a grow expert who has been in the industry setting up large scale operations for over 20 years. You can count on expertise input when jumping on this site.

Reddit Trees

Reddit trees

This is the most unique site of the bunch as it ultimately the forum for the cannabis community and all things related. Reddit Trees is the place to discuss and share your personalized content. On this sub reddit, you will find content such as pictures of some home grown gas someone just harvested, a crazy stoner story, favorite smoke spots, a first purchase in a dispensary, etc. It is just an awesome vibe with over 1.1 million subscribers making it the 66th most popular sub reddit in 2017.


Weed Maps

We like to call it the Google maps of cannabis on steroids. Most stoners ask how Weedmaps is different than searching for the nearest dispensary or doctor on Google. Yes, Weedmaps will get you to your destination just as easy as Google maps, but with Weedmaps, dispensaries are fully integrated displaying the menus and specials available. Our favorite part of Weedmaps is the deals page. It is a page dedicated to showing all the cannabis deals by product type (flower, wax, edibles, etc) being offered by the local dispensaries that day. Here, you are sure to find the best bang for your buck.



Leafly is the largest resource for strains on the internet and is actually the largest cannabis website in the world, with around 10 million monthly visitors. What makes Leafly stand out from the rest is their strain database and video content. You have a headache? There’s a strain for that. Feeling tired? There’s a strain for that. You have anxiety? There’s a strain for that. Their strain database is an invaluable tool as it enables you to dial in which strains work best for your body. Furthermore, there is Leafly TV, a dedicated video page to keep you informed about cannabis news, lifestyle, and products. They are the only site we found with a page dedicated to producing relevant video content on a consistent basis. Some videos you can watch are the art of extracting, how to clone, inside look at grow rooms, cannabis 101, and more.