Our Approach

We strive to let the good times roll.  Dablione is a lifestyle where you have stories to tell and memories to share. The Dablione signifys a weekend ski trip, crazy music festival, road trip, daily driver, or any adventure you and your friends wrote.


Our Story

Dablione was invented back in college when Mikey Magnum was way dishtoo "stoney boloney-ied"  one night and left his oil rig at his buddy's house. Mike just snagged a gram and had everything to dab except his rig. Mike was bummed and started to look around for an alternative. In his efforts,  he gazed upon his trusty old glass blunt and in that moment, a sudden "high-dea" popped into his brain. He figured he could torch the glass blunt's inner tube, pull it back, and dab it on the end.  Mike eagerly torched the glass blunt, pulled it back, and dabbed away. To his surprise it worked, but not well as the oil ran down the pipe and wasted most of the wax. Perplexed by the idea, Mike dove deeper to find out more and with the help of a few local glassblowers and a little ingenuity, the dablione dish was born.


As for the dablione's unique grommet, it was discovered one year after later a night out at the college bars. The boys just got home from Ol' Queens and wanted to take a steambot to complement their grease truck sandwiches. Billy Badass felt extra saucy that night and for some reason had a wild idea to put a dablione into a JP Toro. It fit snug, almost perfect using only a standard glass blunt sleeve. Joey Legs took a dab out of the contraption and it worked, near perfect. Mike was ecstatic about the idea and contacted Billy’s neighbors, who happened to be Rutgers engineering students, to design the grommet. The rest is history.

The dablione came to fruition with the help of many people and this is the reason why it has so many uses. We have been blown away  with the ingenuity people have shown with  the dablione over the years and we're eager to discover more. Keep the stories coming and tag us on IG to have your story featured!