5 Killer Tips You Should Know When Making Rosin

RosinRosin Tech EXPLODED in 2016- the hashtag #Rosin  grew from 5,000 to 440,000 in a little over a year. Squish shots and rosin presses are taking over Instagram so fast that even Usain Bolt can't catch up. To keep you up to speed,  we will be dropping 5 tips and tricks when making #Rosin. Lets jump right in, but before we start we want to give a big shout out to the OG @Soilgrown_Solventless! Thank you for showing the world this wonderful technique.

Nug Hug

  • Before the initial press, give the nug a slight warm up for 20 seconds. This helps the juices get going and has shown to increase yields depending on the strain.

    Nug Hug

Nug Ratio

  • Find that perfect amount of product for your press!  You should be shooting for a minimum 20% yield with flower rosin and a 50% yield with dry sift/bubble hash. Too much product loaded in the press often does not apply enough pressure to get desired yields. Featured are some wizards slaying the game. @Foundation_Extracts yielding 31% with flower rosin and @SasquashRosinPress yielding 56% with bubble hash.

Pre squish rosin

Pre squish/mold

  • This has become a standard now and it is important to condense your product before smashing. This ensures the product stays tightly packed together for a cleaner collection process and ultimately a higher yield.


Know your Temperatures

  •  The optimal temperature varies from strain to strain and desired consistency. For example: take the strain white widow. WW pressed at 180 degrees Fahrenheit will budder up within 12 hours while WW pressed at 210 degrees will produce a pull and snap consistency. They key is to master the temperatures for proper yield ratio and desired consistency.

Strait Concentrates has his temps dialed.


  • Shout out to "Advanced Rosin Tech Discussion" Facebook group! They discovered that adding Boveda packs in your jars can increase yields by 5% depending on the strain. 5% increase may sound small, but to that put it in perspective - you only need 4 grams of flower instead of 5 to yield 1 gram of oil. It adds up, especially in large production runs.


You are now a Jedi in rosin making! Go forth and squish away to see if you can achieve the magical 30% yield with flower rosin. This should be you goal every time and we hope these tips will bring you closer to the highest yields possible. In closing, we will leave you with 1 final tip.

"When it comes to rosin yields, 90% depends on product quality while the other 10% hinges on the rosin press."

Thank the farmer, Peace out!

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