Dab Chillum

The dablione is the first ever dab chillum. It provides a traditonal rig expierence packed with flavor ousting most enails. Torch it, pull it, and rip away.

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Glass Blunt

The dablione smokes dry flower and provides a steady smooth hit that yields smoke tricks to the trained jedi. Frenchie, Kill Hit Tony, and Uncle Os called and they approve.

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Multi Use

The dablione will transform into an oil rig or a traditonal waterpipe with our beaker bottom attachment. Furthermore, it is a quartz nail for most 14 or 18mm female waterpipes.

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see how it works

Check out our userguide to see how the dablione works!

Fin Dablione

Fin Dablione

 $24.95 + shipping

 Beaker Bottom Combo

Dablione Beaker

$34.95 + shipping


American Made Quartz Banger

Quartz Banger

$49.95 + Shipping

Designed for 45° 14mm Female Joints

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